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Some last Problems.. DSDT help :-)


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I have install Yosemite on my old Laptop...

found a dsdt in the internet... I need this because i can don't disable the Geforce GT630M..


I can only boot with the DSDT...


What don't work

-Sleep (go to the Sleep and 1 second later wake up)

-The 2 USB Ports on the left

-Audio.. perhaps it is possible without VoodooHDA? it is AL269

-Battery status.. :(

-FN left and right for Brightness controll


DSDT attached.




When i boot woth UseKernelCache=Yes the Laptop boot and then i see a KernelPanic and 1 second later Reboot...





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Now i have install voodoohda and audio works...

The usb ports works too :-)


Bootflag kernelcache=no works... It is ok when sleep work...


Can anybody patch my dsdt so i can use sleep and battery?


Audio works with voodoohda

Usb 3.0 works

Brightness control works with the app brightness slider :-)

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