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D620 Lion install fail


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I cannot boot into the USB installer even. I have no error, even with a -v or -x -v boot:


- I have the OS X Lion USB created with myHack 

- I have the D620/GMA950 custom /Extra installed with myHack

- I have the BIOS settings as per recommended in Herves post.


After the verbose boot loads all the Kexts then the screen blanks and there is no more internal or USB HDD activity.


I tried a boot flag of GraphicsEnabler=No but nothing extra there.


Any ideas?



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thanks Herve and Bronxteck


I have used the LoRes files as my screen res (under windows) is maxed at 1280 x 800.

I have the GMA950 graphics, and I used that boot pack, low res version.


Any other boot options I can try to move this onto the installation screen?



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