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Upgraded CPU on D830


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So system information says I have the 2.2 GHz cpu, but in fact I upgraded a while back to the higher one, the T7700 2.4 GHz.

(this one)


I downloaded MaciASL to try and edit the dsdt myself, but there are no repo/patches for stuff this basic (that I can find).  Would anyone care to tweak my dsdt for me?  DSDT.aml.zip   Yeah, I know I'm new here and it's rather cheeky to ask, but if you would, I'd appreciate it very much.


Thank you.

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There are no DSDT tweaks or patches for SysProfiler/About this Mac reported CPU speed. 2 things to do:

  1. make sure your SMBios plist does not have any specific info for that (parameter is Max CPU Speed) and OS X will auto detect the CPU specs
  2. check your BIOS settings against those recommended in the pinned dedicated thread and adjust there necessary (especially the IDA parameter in the case of your Merom CPU)
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