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Asus G74Sx Yosemite 10.10.3


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Hi, everyone


G74SX with Version 10.10.1 works without problems. I did backup security, and I have made test update 10.10.3. on backup. After the update the system doesn't boot and freezes on page loading apple.


any ideas?




Nvida GeForce GTX 560M


AR928X Wireless

I7 2.2

Ram 32GB



Thank you.

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What CPU do you have?

Chameleon or Clover?


Try booting with -v -f and post the error. If Clover, hit space bar and select verbose mode.



Thank you  for your answer


CPU : Intel Core I7 2630QM


The bootloader is chimera (chameleon, stolen and rebranded). 4.1.0


With -f -v and the system is booting. I reloaded all extensions including dsdt and the bootloader, I updated the video card driver. Now everything works.
SD reader can not find the kext for it to work, you know if exist?
Thank you.


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