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New D620 nVidia - Wifi card and Sleep problems


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Just got another D620, this time with the nVidia graphics card. Had a tough time installing Snow Leopard using my USB pen, in that the installation seemed to stop around half way. Third time was the lucky one. I installed EDP 1.9.1 and updated to 10.6.8. Everything working fine, except:


- I had a heck of a time getting Airport to work. I'd installed a Dell 1395, which was supposed to be compatible, but I couldn't get it to work. I then swapped it with a 1390, which showed up after the first reboot and Airport works perfectly. I got 5 1395s super cheap on eBay, so I'll have to rebrand them to get them to work.


- I can't get Sleep to work using the method posted on the Wiki. I've used it successfully for a few D430s and D420s, and it works great. It just doesn't seem to work with the D620 though. Whether Sleep kicks in on its own (via System Prefs) or I choose Sleep from the menu bar or I close the lid, I get a dark blue screen, the D620 doesn't wake and I have to force shut down.


Does the Sleep method on the Wiki work with the D620? Do you set it up exactly the same as with the D4x0 models?

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Hey mate,



Can you test this solution and get back to me if it works or not ?




I think the dsdt for your model needs some more work, we have only had very few users with that model, so your options is:


* Edit your DSDT and adapt it (might be hard if you have no experience) - but google is your friend

* Sponsor patching of your DSDT (EDP is made from donations that have enabled us to pay outside devleopers to spend time on fixing the dsdts, in return for helping we have been able to put the DSDT.aml files to EDP)

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