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installing mac os 10 on e6230


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My laptop specification is 

4gb DDR3 ram

core-i3 3110 intel

Intel hd 4000

500 gb hard disk


Is there any way to install mac os without using a mac ?


I tried two methods which failed.


i) With https://kat.cr/os-x-yosemite-10-10-14a389-for-intell-pc-t9722323.html#main

this link it never boots to the installer page.


ii) With http://hackintosh.zone/downloads/download/810-nireshs-yosemite-with-amd-intel/

this method it gets to the installer page with -v-x-f bootflag but mouse does not move and i acant get to the next page.


Is there any other way??

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