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DSDT File For Precision T7500


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i need some help about DSDT file and the Patches.


First, sorry for my english...its very poor.


I come from a 10.6.8 Hackintosh installed 5 years ago on my Del Precision T7500, but now i need some software that requiere OS x 10.8 at least, and i decide upgrade my hackintosh and i will read  pages, tutorials and forums because all change since i installed my Snow Leopard.


Then... I have a 10.9.5 Hackintosh, running but Without Network, Audio and Graphics .... i have Try everything... injectors, Oficial Drivers from nVidia (In System Information see my Quadro FX 3800 but only 3MB of Vram Without QE/CI), 


Tried Install from MyHack , but i have various Kernel Panics and errors Before Instalation.... and reading this forum i see that i need a Personalized DSDT.aml file for my System to install a "Vanilla System".


Someone can help me to configure my DSDT file for reinstall Mavericks and make to work the  Audio, Network and Graphics Running?


My System: 

Dell Precision T7500 

CPU: Intel Xeon X5550 (2.67Ghz)

Memory: 5Gb DDR3 1333MHz


Graphics: Nvidia Quadro FX 3800 1Gb (too i have a Quadro FX 4800 if its necesary)

Audio: integrated

Network: integrated BradCom (too i have a Intel Pro/GT 1000  if its necesary)


i run DSDT Editor for Extract and Compile (fixing errors) and IORegistryExplorer


i Attached this files:

DSDT Extrated file

DSDT Compiled File (Auto fixed Errors)

IORegistryExplorer File (Run and save file)

Lspci TXT file run with "lspci -nn"


Need Upload other Files?


Can anyone give me  some light?


Thanks in advance



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thanks for answer. i have kp when i have 2 cpus pluggeds. i remove 1 cpu and then dont have kp, but the install screen dont appear... i think because my graphic card.... try with GE=yes and GE=No.... -x.... pciroot=0 and 1, cpus=1...... various combiations and dont show the graphic installation screen.... 

thanks for your help

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These Intel X5550 are quad-core Xeon Nehalem; make sure to use the correct SMBIOS profile. I'd start with MacPro3,1 and avoid the MacPro4,1 (even though that specific model did ship with X5550 CPUs) as much as possible as this profile/model is known to cause issue 5KPs) with nVidia graphics cards. But you can circumvent that. I'd need to look that up once more, all the details elude me right now. From memory, myHack does warn about it.

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morning ,
Mavericks 10.9.5 Installed with myHack !!!! : D I had to move some Kext to another folder (
NVDA*.kext NVSU.kext  ) and starts with the flag -v npci=0x2000 GraphicsEnabler=No , The installation screen appears and can install. 



only 1 CPU Plugged . But now two CPUs do not care me if I work for a while. 


Well, the first step done.


Now I 'll try to insert strings of nVidia Quadro FX3800 IORegistryExplorer to a  DSDT.  in system info i see my Quadro FX 3800 with 1024Mb of VRam , but without QE/CI and 1024x764 Resolution Screen , and i can't change it.
i tried Nvidia Official Drivers and Web Drivers, but same Result. With GraphicsEnabler=Yes  and NO combined with nvda_drv=0 and 1, but nothing.... may i do something wrong with de DSDT patch on PCI0.

if you can help me with this or the sound card or network card (nightmare dont have internet on this machine and have to use USB for everything), your help is appreciated.



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