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E6320 Yosemite: A Couple of Issues


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Hi all,


After following Jake's guide I was able to successfully install Yosemite on a Latitude E6320. However I am having a few minor issues:


Trackpad right click does not work (automatically act as control-click). I connected a USB mouse and still no right click. I followed the same build process on a 6420 and right click worked there so the issue appear to be my installation/settings


USB mouse middle wheel scrolling is reversed as in Windows, is this normal?


Web cam not working but microphone/audio is fine.


I've updated OS X to 10.10.4 and reinstalled the .kext files in Jake's guide but the issues persist.


Thank you.

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Thank you for your responses.


About the trackpad/mouse, I just figured out that right click actually does work after system reboot but only for a few minutes then it stops working. I tried Herve's kext and it is showing the same behavior; ditto with middle button scroll.


Here's the camera info from System Profiler:




  Model ID: UVC Camera VendorID_3141 ProductID_25651

  Unique ID: 0x1a1500000c456433

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Ok, so that's Vendor 0x0c45 / Device 0x6433, i.e. the Sonix HD Webcam as in my E6320 guide.


If you could extract your raw DSDT + raw IOReg and post them, we might be able to get that webcam to work. Which DSDT are you using right now?

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