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Install Windows after OS X


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Hello, i would like to install Windows7 after i get my Windows Bootstick.


Somebody in another Forum told me: If you want to get OS X and Windows on one HDD, you need to install Windows first, OS X after. In that case OS X is writing his Bootloader last on the HDD. If you install Windows after OS X, the Windows Bootloader will overwrite the OS X Bootloader. In that case you need to start OS X with a Bootstick and install a new Bootloader for OS X, this Bootloader will overwrite the Windows Bootloader. After that you can choose which System you want to start while you are booting.


Is he right?

I thought i could just install Windows with my Bootstick. I have 2 Partitions. First one OS X is running and a second one for Windows (FAT32) 

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No, he's (somehow) wrong and you're right.


you can perfectly install Windows on an existing GPT/GUID HDD/SSD. Just create a new/second partition for Windows and format it DOS/FAT. Your Windows installer wiil then see it and will be able to reformat it NTFS during 1st steps of installation. Your OS X partition will remain your 1st disk partition,


Chameleon bootloader is then perfectly able to handle both partition and offer you to boot OS X or Windows.


You may just have to play with Windows DISKPART utility (from a DOS/Command window) to modify the active partition so that you can boot OS X through Chameleon again. Please search the forum, this has been covered in full details several times before.

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Thanks, i looked it up and quote you: "In Windows, open up a DOS command window and use DISKPART utility to change the active partition. You will then be able to boot off the OS X partition with the Chameleon bootloader and interrupt your default partition boot process (which would normally be OS X) as/when needed to boot off the other partition."


How to do that?

1. Start Windows

2. Type cmd into the start menu and press enter

3. Enter diskpart, then list disk after diskpart is loaded (Picture1)

4. Enter select disk [number of the disk the partition is on] (Picture2)

5. Enter list partition, followed by select partition [partition number] (Picture3)

6. Type active (Picture4)


This instruction is for Windows 7 only.





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I tried to install Windows today. After Installation was completed the

Computer restarted but the screen is just black. wilth a blinking "_". (You cant enter anything). I can´t start Windows or OSX now.

Int the Boot-Setup i have these choices:


Legacy Boot:

Internal HDD

Onboard NIC


Other Options:

BIOS Setup



What can i do now? Did i kill it?

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Is there any other way? I have only one USB-Stick. I saved the filles from my USB installer on my Dell.  I can´t access these files now because i can´t start OSX. On my USB-Stick is Windows7 now. I installed Windows but i can´t start it.


I could buy a new USB-Stick but i don´t see how that will help

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"All you need really here is actually a USB key or disk, partitioned GUID, formatted  Mac OS X (Journaled) and on which you'll simply install Chameleon. You don't even need to make it a OS X installer."


As i understand I can install Chameleon on an external Harddrive. I downloaded Chameleon from a link here: https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/7478-dell-latitude-e6xxxe7xxx-yosemite-install-guide/

and installed it on an external Harddrive.


The file is just 3,2MB http://www.hackintoshosx.com/files/download/4336-chameleon-23/


My first mistake was to not open the "chameleon.pkg", after i opened and installed it on my ext.HD it worked just fine. I was able to boot via my ext. HD after that I installed Chameleon on my Dell. Now I Can start without my ext.HD and OSX is running like usual :-P Thank You so much.

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:-o Doh... you obviously would not be able to boot OS X off a USB key that has only the Chameleon boot loader on it!!! Boot your OS X installation via the USB key!


When you see the moving character at the top left corner, press F8 to interrupt the Chameleon boot process, select your Yosemite HDD partition in the listed disks, and just press [ENTER].

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