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Dell Latitude E6420 - Yosemite 10.10.5


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Hello everyone.


I have a PC - Dell Latitude E6420 (BIOS: A21, i5 - 2520M 2,5Ghz, nvidia NVS 4200m , 4GB RAM, 240 GB HDD).


I followed by this guide to try install Yosemie (10.10.5) on my PC - https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/7478-dell-latitude-e6xxxe7xxx-yosemite-install-guide/


Created USB installer stick. Used -v -f boot flags to start installation. Everything completed well. I got this error about " "Can't find /System/Library/Kernel/Kernel". Again booted up with usb, completed steps mentioned in guide above. After that I restarted my PC and tried to boot in to freshly installled system (using the same flags and usb stick) but I got error like this:



I have disabled "optimus" in BIOS. 


I tried another way - I reinstalled system and when I was getting "cannot find kernel" I booted up using usb stick, fixed this error and also installed bootloader, all kexts from bootpack (everything what is mentioned in guide above) then I restarted system and was able to boot system without usb stick but no kexts were running. Sleep/audio/audio controls/screen brightness do not work. :( Only graphics and wifi work (replaced wifi card). For DSDT I'm using "Wern  DSDT for Nvs4200M " from guide above. If I tried to change it, again error about "SuperIODevice".


I'm little confused what to do now because on E6220 I was able to get everything work using bootpack kexts in this guide. 


I'm new to this "hackintosh" thing so I guess I'm missing something here but I can not understand currently what is it. 


Thank you! :)

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If you have Optimus disabled, then use Wern's DSDT. 

If you have it enabled, then it depends on your display resolution. Select one of these and rename to DSDT.aml


E6420/E6520 Optimus Enabled = DSDT-off.aml  ; Check Optimus in BIOS, low Res 1366x768 and below

E6420/E6520 Optimus Enabled = DSDT-off_2ch.aml  ; Check Optimus in BIOS, higher Res 1600x900 and higher
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