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E6540 - HDMI Out possible? and Cardreader? Audio over Clover?


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My Laptop Works fine... totday i try to Update to El Capitan...


Is it now possible to use the HDMI ou with an extern Screen? At the moment when i connect a screen the system crash...


Wich kext I need for the card reader? I try VoodooSDHC but i doesn't work... :)


At the moment i used Audio over VoodooHDA... is it possible to used it with Clover Kext Patch?

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Hi.. I have Update my Bios.. and get a clean DSDT with Clover F4...


When i boot without an DSDT much work.. :)


But something not.... I have found a DSDT where the Cardreader works.... but i have other problems..

can somebody tell me which patch i must used for the Cardreader?

manuel Sleep work too.. but when i close the Laptop sleep doesn't work

HDMI Video out work too.. but no Audio.. i used VoodooHDA 2.8.8

For The Battery i used ACPIBatterymanager.. the status witch between Battery ok 68% and no Battery...

In Console there are much of this... 08.10.15 12:36:39,911 powerd[48]: Failed to read current rating(0xe00002f0)


Here is my DSDT Perhaps somebody can look and help me?

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