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Dell Latitude E5530 Installation - Working Approach?


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I have reviewed a number of threads on this and other sites for installing either Yosimite or El Capitan using a Dell Latitude E5530 laptop.


For those who might have this same model of laptop and visit this forum, have you had any luck completing an installation?


I tried using the guide below, but it dies off at step 6, where booting the installer USB drive just freezes.




Just curious if anyone here knows of a trick that worked for them that the other threads didn't end up covering.

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Thanks Jake.  I did try your suggestion, but the same behavior happens despite which port is used.


The system is using BIOS A12, which should be compatible according to the guide.


The BIOS settings are in place, as outlined.


I know my USB drive is good, because I used it to also install on an E7440 using this separate guide:  https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/6461-guide-e7440-with-clover/


My CLOVER partition has a clean copy of the Clover EFI folder for use with the E5530, as well.

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Thank you for your prompt response!


I'm attaching pictures along with this reply.


Verbose mode goes as far as:  "System uptime in nanoseconds:  105283175"


Without caches goes as far as:  "error loading kernal cache (0xe)" "boot failed, sleeping for 10 seconds before exiting..."



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Thanks for the lead, Bronxteck!


For your suggestion, do I need to use a different Clover file set than what is contained within step #2 of this guide?




I have to confess that I am not familiar with what is involved with executing that particular adjustment to the process.


I'll do some forum searching here, but if you have something in your back pocket that outlines the process, I'm all eyes and ears!  Thanks much again!

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Not 100% positive if I approached this correctly, but to attempt to follow the last suggestion, I did the following:


1) Opened 'EFI/CLOVER/conflig.plist' using a text editor


2) Navigated to the '<key>KernelAndKextPatches</key>' section, per this URL:




3) Added the following key there:  




Now when booting, it goes further, but eventually hits a freezing point, along with a crossed-circle icon.  Here are some photos of how far it gets.



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Hi Jake!


I am currently trying to use Yosemite with this effort.


I'll explore your USB 3.0 suggestion after work later tonight.  Thanks for that pointer!


With your mention of patching DSDT, is that the same activity as what the guide's step #14 says, or something different than that?

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