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M4600 - Help required with graphics


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I had the same problem and I think it doesn't matter if you have Clover or Chameleon. You must have well patched DSDT.aml for your laptop. I found DSDT.aml on web for my machine and there is section about GPU, where are necessary informations about it, like NVCAP. Now with this DSDT.aml my screen on laptop and external monitor via Display Port go well. No black screen anymore.

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Hi i helped friend install mavericks on M4600 with NVIDIA 1000M instead of 2000M and only got black screen on any OS later than 10.9.2 (guess changes in graphics kexts read its common on 10.9.3). Could I use clover instead of chamleon to get graphics working and yosemite/ el capitan?

change SMBIOS to MBP10.1 or try MP5.1 or try MP3.1

+ inject nVidia and enable Legacy ROM (Legacy Boot) to load Graphics on Vesa Mode.

if your boot loader is Chameleon add PCIRootUID=1 to boot flag.

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