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Why does my GPU temperature Increases When Plugged in from 57°C to 95°C?


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Hi sorry btw if I'm not supposed to post this on this forum my laptop Is running Yosemite and it's a hackintosh so I hope it's ok please let me know!


So before I begin here are my laptop with specs


Dell Latitude E6400

NVIDIA Qaudro NVS 160M


Intel Core 2 Duo P8700


So I'm running Yosemite 10.10 Retail on this laptop and there's one massive issue! The GPU temperature, It increases From 57°C to 95°C when I plug it in and that's only Idle!

There's no Load I have programs installed to tell me the temperature and the CPU stays around the same between 25°C and 34°C. But my GPU doesn't this makes the laptop Shut down and in my BIOS I opened a Log and it said Critical Thermal Power Event so obviously it's the temp at the moment I have managed to bring the temp from 95°C to 76°C by Freezing some water in a tub then Placing the Laptop over the tub underneath the fan Vent there is a gap so no water can seep into the system and the Base is water sealed! I changed my fan speed to max so the Frozen Water Input is Powerful and so is Output. I can keep my Laptop Cool like this but when I'm out or anywhere I can't carry a Tub of frozen Ice! I'm not sure if this may be the problem becuase I'm new to Hackintosh and Laptops and temperatures so I opened the Base of the laptop and located the GPU it stated NVIDIA and the CPU is very very close to the GPU, the Heat Sink isn't actually touching the GPU the Gold Copper thing isn't touching the Nvidia Card? Is that the problem by any chance? Becuase I have Some Copper Shims if they would help? There is a Thermal Pad but it seems really damaged and Corroded so I'd assume that's the reason unless it she BIOS or the fan Performance? Thanks

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