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Proper keyboard layout recognition with VoodooPS2Controller (e.g. Latitude E Series)


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It's been reported many times by folks who use the VoodooPS2Controller kext for keyboard and trackpad: keyboard layout or mapping does not appear fully recognized when typing text.


Example on a French AZERTY keyboard:


The key GT-LT_key.jpg is often not properly interpreted when typing and appears to be swapped out with key Little_2_key.jpg found right under [Esc].


This problem is usually due to the VoodooPS2Keyboard PlugIn of the VoodooPS2Controller kext not calling on ISO keyboard layout. However, this is configurable through the Info.plist file of the PlugIn where the associated parameter is very often set to false. Turning it to true usually fixes the problem.


So, in order to enjoy proper keyboard layout/mapping recognition, try and adjust your Info.plist from this:

<key>Use ISO layout keyboard</key>

to this:

<key>Use ISO layout keyboard</key>
Hope this helps! I've verified the fix on my E6220 and E6440 so I know it works for the Latitude E Series; no reason why it would not work for other systems too.
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Note: if you happen to be using an ANSI keyboard on a US model Latitude and you are not seeing the proper behavior for the ` (back quote) or ~ (tilde) key, even though ANSI is selected in the mac OS control panel, then you likely want to set "Use ISO layout keyboard" to false.


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