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asus u46e-bal7 i7 hd3000 need help plz :)


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i have a u46e-bal7

intel i7

hd3000 graphics




its similar to the k53sc and the x44h


i  am trying to find out whats the best and easiest way to instal osx 10.9 or 10.10 or 10.11 whats more compatible 

also is there a way i can install using windows to make a usb drive? 

i tried using suse image manager and cant get what i got to install. i got snow leaopard to instal but most hardware wont work properly 

i cant figure out how to do vmware either for some reason. 

il gladly pay someone to help me. 

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If you managed to get SL going, even if not fully functional, you can use myHack to install Mavericks 10.9. That would be a good 1st installation to begin with.


myHack comes with a default bootpack that should get you through. You have a SandyBridge platform so make sure to use NullCPUPowerManagement to start with as I'm not sure the AICPUPM patch provided by myHack does actually work as expected. myHack provides an easy way to add kexts in a transparent manner. You place them in /Extra/Extensions and then run myFix (quick.


Yosemite and ElCapitan require manual or Clover based installations and those are usually prepared from an existing Mac or Hack.

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ok you rock thanks so much. so do i need to use the retail dvd or dmg or .app to use myhack 

also will quartz extreme work and can i make mt sound and stuff work too. also what about other hardware. will myhack autorecognize what i need.also what about a custom dsdt or edp for this model 

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right now im still having issues getting something installed to my asus 

with the hd 3000 

what bootflags should i use? 

i have an installer that loads but it goes to a black screen after i get to one part 

i think it actualy isat the mac setup screen but cant tell 

i tried verbose and safe mode no luck 

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