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E5420 - TrackPad + Wifi issues

luc vanel

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Please search the forum before posting, this model has been discussed in many threads before. In addition, we cannot guess what kexts (drivers) you used for keyboard and mouse, nor the model of wireless card you have in the E5420. As you probably know if you've done your little research, Intel wireless cards are not supported in OS X. You can look up our (non-exhaustive) list of supported/unsupported wireless cards in the R&D->Wifi forum subsection.

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If you have Intel Wireless, it's not supported. Will need to be replaced with a supported device.

For trackpad, download this. 


Assuming you're running Clover

In Kexts/Other, copy VoodooPS2Controller to your /EFI/Clover/Kexts/


If chameleon, just copy it to /Extra/Extensions


Remove other PS2Controller you may have installed.

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