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D630 + Nvidia NVS135m = Nightmare! on Lion 10.7+


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First and foremost, I really like to thank the people that run this website. I do not take anything here for granted. I know it takes a lot of hard work to put these kind of kext packs together and I appreciate and understand that.


I have a D630 with Nvidia graphics.


I have tried EDP 1.9.2 then 2.1 then 2.2. They all DO NOT work.


On EDP version 2.2,

3 out of every 6 boots, it gets stuck on [PCI Configuration Begin].

1 out of every 6 boots, it boots, but the screen turns black (someone on this website has also indicated that in another post). The computer has booted, but the video card or laptop screen is dark. Volume up and down make noise which indicates its a video issue.

1 out of every 6 boots, it Kernel Panics

Finally, the last 1 out of 6 times, it actually gets into Lion. When its in Lion, most things work fine.


I have tried this pack with 10.7 and 10.7.2. I know how to install things as I am a computer engineer, and I have followed everything on this website to the last detail.


I have tried for over a week straight to install Lion and have it run right, but it does not work! I'm guessing the d630 + intel works great since more people own them, but d630 + nvidia is getting no love.


There has to be an error in the dsdt (as someone else pointed out in another post) or some error in the boot.plist or whatnot.


Either way, can someone please help?


Thanks in advance!

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ok... nvidia is mostly controlled by chameleon so make sure you have the latest chameleon and graphics enabler enabled in the org.chame.Boot.plist... double check your bios for graphics info also make sure your bios is latest dell bios. try repairing disk permissions with disk utility. sometimes updates get corrupted so you should use the combo update to 10.7.2

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I have the latest bios a17. My bios settings are all normal. My boot.plist has graphicsenabler on Yes.


I remember someone in another post say that there might be something wrong in the dsdt or the boot.plist settings as they also had a blank screen. Plus, My system ran snow leopard for years perfectly.


There has to be something wrong in the boot.plist or dsdt.


Thanks in advance

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then try graphicsenabler=no at boot and make sure your resolution is proper for your machine... oh and what chameleon version are you running?


I tried actually installed the D630 + Intel package because I said "hey, what have I got to lose" and that method fixes the BLANK screen problem when loading the OS. Basically what I did was select the D630 + Intel and then went to boot.list and added GraphicsEnabler=YES and my Nvidia works pretty well. As a result, I believe there is something wrong in the D630/Nvidia DSDT.aml that is causing the display not to turn on every now. You can tell it's the display since after booting when the screen goes blank, pressing volume up/down make sounds which indicates the system is up and running, just no display.


I however still get stuck at [PCI Configuration Begin]. That is my biggest issue right now! Every now and then, I get passed it and boot into the OS, which works fine.


Why do I keep getting stuck at PCI Config Begin? I tried the ncpi=0x2000 and the PCIroot=1, etc... I've tried it all. Nothing works!


Why is my config cursed?!! Thanks in advance.

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Bronxtech -


Thanks for the reply. I tried it, but after 6 reboots I got the PCI Configuration Begin message :(


I tried EDP 2.1 and EDP 2.2 but I get the same issue.


I have a few D630s to mess with and they have the 1440x900 screens + Quadro NVS 135M video cards. (I also ran into the same issue with the Intel vid card) The bios's are @ A17.


On this machine I have disabled most of the devices in BIOS to see if that would help. Attached is an lshw dump from Ubuntu and the PCI Config message. Hopefully they are useful. Thanks for the help!


* Added System Information dump


post-3439-054427200 1325738516.jpg


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