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ASUSPRO B53A ( el capitan 10.11.3 )


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Hi all i install el capitan 11.3 on asuspro b53a (hm77 chipset) with clover uefi.

What is worging : intel hd 4000, camera, usb3 , usb 2 only one , audio, wi-fi ,intel i3 3110m 2.4ghz 

What in not work ( for me ) battery monitor , 1 usb 2 left top side, brightness control, mic


this is all my files ( dsdt, kext, clover ) 













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Your battery is not patched properly. Try this DSDT and Config file, make a backup of your first.

Added HDMI video/audio patch, AppleHDA on the fly patch and a few other things.

Restore the vanilla AppleHDA.kext to /S/L/E and install AppleHDA_VT1802.kext to /S/L/E

Repair permission and rebuild cache.


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Jake Lo you are the rock man !!! thank you thank you yes working !!!!!!!


work: hd 4000, i dont test hdmi and display port yet, audio, sleep, shutdown and restart, i3 normal, camera, sd cards, fn + f11 f12 audio control, usb3, usb2 only one port , touchpad, battery.


not work: usb port left side top, fn+ f5 f6 brightness control, iTunes movies trailer green screen, after sleep not have audio !!!



(brightness control work fine without keys)




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Try different Fn keys to see if Brightness control works. If non works, could be you need to replace your kexts with ElanTouch.

USB ports, strange only one works. Have you confirm the other work under windows? Try removing GenericUSBXHCI.kext.

Not sure what the issue is with iTunes, seems you have full QE/CI.

As for sound after sleep, could be an EAPD issue, try this. You'll need to know the node-ID for this.

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What's interesting?


You have an Ivy Bridge system with Intel HD4000 graphics. That's managed by the Capri Framebuffer and the Intel HD4000 kexts. As such, it's perfectly normal that none of those IntelHD (1st gen HD), SNB (2nd gen HD3000), Azul (4th gen HD4x00/5000) or BDW (5th gen Broadwell) framebuffers load. You won't fail to notice that the Capri Framebuffer and HD4000Graphics kexts are however loaded, as expected.


Regarding USB kexts:

"UHCI" is the controller for USB1.x ports

"OHCI" is a standard controller for USB1.1 ports (usually non-Intel hardware)

"EHCI" is the controller for USB2.0 ports

"XHCI" is the controller for USB3.0 ports



If your laptop does not possess the hardware, the associated kexts do not load; that's perfectly normal. For USB3.0 ports, Hackintoshes often require add-on/generic/3rd party kexts to support thems. I'm sure you'll find that the AppleUSBEHCIxxx kexts are loaded for USB2.0 ports though.


Different kexts have different loading conditions and different effect. Look at the Info plist of the AppleUSBECHIPCI kext and you'll find references to IOClassMatch and a list of Mac models with details of port numbering. That port numbering was something new which caused all the trouble when EC 1st came out. Apple did tie up the way they handle USB2.0 ports.


If you do the same exercise with AppleUSBXHCIPCI, you'll see that there are references to IOClassMatch or IOPCIPrimaryMatch. The latter is a specific reference to hardware PCI id and only triggers the loading of the associated kext if the underlying hardware does match.


Afaik, what you see is perfectly normal.


For your education, you'll find interesting and valuable information here.

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