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D830 EL Capitan install issues


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hey everyone, i am trying to install el capitan 10.11.3 on my d830 with nvidia 140m and 1490 wireless and 2ghz core 2 duo with 4gigs of ram, i followed the guide for the d630 but used the files for the d830 but am getting the following errors when i try to boot the installer. the usb was setup on a mac book air running 10.11.3




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Hi guys,

I also have installation issues (tested with A15, A16, A17) with El Capitan. I have followed the following instructions exactly:


The BIOS has the right settings:



In the attachment are  3 pictures with the screen output. Then the pc gets stuck.

I do not know why. Maybe someone can help me?

NB: D830 with nVidia Quadro NVS 135M / 140M GPU and T7xxx Merom CPU

Best regards




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Your screenshot shows CsrActiveConfig=1, i.e. you don't have SIP disabled... If you boot with manual option CsrActiveConfig=103, you should find things work much better.  My apologies, it would seem I missed that in my posted bootpack; I've fixed it and uploaded a revised bootpack.

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Thanks for your Help!

Unfortunately, nothing has changed. I can't install it. Now my bootarguments are:

Boot args: darkwake=0 -v -f CsrActiveConfig=103

I also changed the Bootpack.


I see at the beginning of the boot process now: CsrActiveConfig = 0x67(1100111)


That is the only thing that changed  when you are looking at my 3 screenshots posted before.


Perhaps you have any other Ideas? 

Merci Beaucoup!!


I´m really a noob and just can follow instructions.





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