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DELL DW 1510 - Help needed


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Hi all, I could need a bit help on the above WLAN card.

This is not a Lenovo issue, but as I´m on a T420, HD3000, 10.11.3 I thought it might fit here.


I´m aware of the guide here: http://www.osxlatitude.com/rebranding-broadcom-802-11abgn-cards-as-airport-extreme/#respond

Sadly some dependencies have gone dead it seems, so I´m getting nowhere.


Could you please update the how-to or guide me through the procedure in another way?

The B43-FWcutter is in the Ubuntu repository btw.






It would like the BCM4322 to use all channels 1-13 and to be recognized as Airport Extreme.





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Thanks Hervé.

So you would suggest to try a Ubuntu GNU/Linux flavor from 2013 or 2014?

I´ll look around for one then, the archive you pointed to is fine, but it does not seem to cover the x86 iso´s or am I missing something?

Lets hope the dependencies are not dead altogether. ;)

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Comrades, I´m afraid the whole process is broken. GNU/Linux repos are known for its frequent changes - hence all the compat patches.

I tried with ubuntu-12.10-desktop-i386.iso but noway.

Maybe someone is willing and able to create a tarball with all the old stuff...


Here is where I got stuck:




Guess I´ll have to use the BCM4322 as it is for now. I was only 5.20 $ (plus shipping) from China, so what.

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Looks promising, thanks again!

I´ll give it a go tomorrow.



No dice, as too many dependencies are lost, it seems.

The needed files are here apparently: https://github.com/mbuesch/b43-tools

However its way above my head to re-brand my WLAN card without a step by step guide for dummies. :)


Again, the DW 1510 is working as a WLAN card from a third party manufacturer so far.

Thanks for caring!

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