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AMD 8350 + Gigabyte 970A D3P Using reloc block: yes, hibernate wake: no OsXAptionFixDrv


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Hello everyone,


I'm trying to spend a few days of this error to try to install my Hack

my config is:


Gigabyte 970a d3p

AMD 8350

8GB 1600MHZ

R9 2700


I tried to use the image 10:11 El Captain and tried to use the Yosimite 10:10, I received the same error (image below)


I tried to change the clover files:

Before, (did not work)




Is currently with is setting (not work)





CsrActiveConfig is Set to 0x67 in config.plist did not work

-f put the boot arguments, it did not work




anyone can help me?

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