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Radeon HD 7700 (7770?)


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I tried to install el captain 10.11.3 some time ago and got stuck at the black screen documented with this card. I tried editing the amdradeonx4000.kext to the old values and had no success. Im thinking back and I bet SIP was enabled that time around..


El capitan has some learning curve..


The specs:

Motherboard: Biostar tz77xe3

CPU: i5 2500

Ram: 8GB G-Skill Ripjaws 4x2GB

Video : HIS Radeon HD 7700 (dev id: 0x683d)


This time, instead of editing the kext I tried using the same edits using this verde.kext I found on another site  :ph34r:

I had issues for what its worth, When installing: 

   Clover may not load the kexts from the proper VERSION file within the kexts folder. I had to copy my fakesmc and lan and verde kext to a few other version folders to get to the desktop. do not get discouraged.

It makes the same edits, only being its own kext will survive updates to my understanding 

It should work with ati cards with the following dev ids:

  • 0x6820
  • 0x6821
  • 0x6823
  • 0x6825
  • 0x6827
  • 0x682D
  • 0x682F
  • 0x6839
  • 0x683B
  • 0x683D
  • 0x683F

So with the knowledge from the board, I was able to get this desktop up and running nearly perfect with little interaction for others ^_^ means I'm learning I guess.

I wanna thank Hervé for sure, big help.

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