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Lenovo Flex 3 Mac Os X El Capitan


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Hello everyone I recently bought a Lenevo Flex 3.


I want to install mac os x El Capitan 10.11.5. I have been able to create a bootable usb using a mac.. but I get a panic error right after the apple logo appears.


Here is the panic error: Panic(voi 0 caller 0xffffff801351caa6): "zone_unit: kmem_suballoc failed @/library/Caches/com.apple.and/sources/xnu/xnu-3248.50.21/osfmk/Kern/zalloc.c:2284


If anyone can help Here are my Specs:


LENOVO Flex 3-1580


Intel Core i5-6200U

CPU Code Name: Skylake-U

Intel HD Grahpics 520 (Skylake-U GT2)

Motherboard Chipset: Intel Skylake-U Premium PCH

BIOS Version: D3CN28WW

UEFI BIOS: Capable

UEFI Boot: Present


Thank you.

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I ran CPU-Z and its actually DDR3 Single channel. Im assuming single channel means the number of modules it has? 

So it's a single channel. 8GB DDR3 SDRAM.


How and what do I have to add to the plist? given the info up there: " Single channel 8GB DDR3 SDRAM.


I found this line in config.plist <key>SMBIOS</key>

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There is no other slot. I took the laptop apart..and thats it. just the slot it come out of. There is no a and b. just a. So thats why I was told to add the memory info in config.plist.. but i dont know how to do that. Here is all my memory info includion modules.


Module info:



Single Channel

NB frequency: 2761.4 mhz

Dram frequency: 789.3 mhz

Row address bits: 16

Column address bits: 10

Number of banks: 8

Module density: 4096mb

Number of ranks: 2

Device width: 8 bits

Bus width: 64

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