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Touchpad not working (10.10.1 Yosemite Dell Latitude e6420)

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Hey all! First of all I would like to say thanks to the community here, I managed to get Yosemite 10.10.1 on my Dell Latidude e6420.  For the most part, everything is functional with the exception of:


SD Card Reader (dont care)

Wi-Fi (dont care)

Touchpad (kinda care lol)


Here are my specs:


Intel i5 2540M 2.5GHz

8GB Cosair DDR3 RAM

Intel HD 2000 Intergrated Graphics



I don't necessarily need it, but I would like for it to be working. Im wondering if its a certain kext im missing or something.

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Did you use the bootpacks from guides posted on this forum? They contain the correct PS2 Controller with TrackPad support. Grab it from here if you want (obviously in the Yosemite pack).


SD card reader should work with the DSDT patch also mentioned in the same guide


Wifi depends only on the card model you have. If Intel, replace it with any compatible cards that fits in your E6420, whether mini-PCIe or half mini-PCIe. Look-up the non-exhaustive list posted on our forum.


Finally, Intel i5-2540M is fitted with HD3000 iGPU, not HD2000...

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You're right on the HD3000. That was a typo.


I will definitely dig in that thread. Thanks.


Btw, I installed using clover. I did try to grab a touchpad patch for exx20 in a sig to no avail.


Thanks again. I will report back whether or not I made progress.

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