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Dell inspiron 660 hackintosh? via myhack


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RTL8111F Ethernet will work with Mieze's Realtek RTL8111 driver; look it up.

DW1506 is based on Atheros AR9485; it's unsupported under OS X. You'll have to replace it by a compatible model. Check our non-exhaustive list.
Same for Intel HD 2500 graphics: no (full) support under Mavericks and beyond, only in ML apparently. You may obtain Core Image (CI) but you'll never get Quartz Extreme (QE), so it's very similar to the issue of 1st Gen intel HD graphics on laptops with eDP connectors.
In other words, it's not worth pursuing unless you opt for one of 2 solutions to this problem:
1) change your CPU for a model with built-in HD4000 (that iGPU is fully supported)
2) insert a supported discrete graphics card (nVidia or AMD); much better solution

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