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E5440 Bios Settings - wont see USB - A00


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Set the BIOS to Load Default, hit Apply, then set SATA Operations to AHCI.

Note: if you have windows install to Raid 0 or ATA, this will make your Windows unbootable.


Your installer, are you using Enoch Chameleon or Clover loader?

For Clover did you install Clover loader according to UEFI or Legacy?

Is BIOS set to UEFI or Legacy.

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Had a really productive night last night, managed to create the right USB setup to install Sierra.

After about 1 hour, the Latitude finally booted showed Sierra running in all it's glory.


Remembering from when i got Yosemite running earlier this week, I needed to mount the EFI of both the USB drive and the internal hard drive.

So i copied the clover directory from the USB over to the EFI on the hard drive....and rebooted


I then get invalid partition again.......nevermind i thought......inserted the USB and requested a boot from that again.

The only boot options (even after pressing F4) is boot from recovery or reinstall.


Thinking that I've done something wrong, re-installed for the 2nd time......alll installed fine, did updated etc.

Did the same again as per the instructions here :.. https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/7539-yosemite-installation-guide-latitude-e5440-intel-i5-clover-uefi/


Same again.......so after a 3rd time re-installed, I thought I'd reboot the mac from the USB (without copying clover over) & there is no option to boot from the internal hard drive.


What am I missing (sorry for the long thread)

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