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Asus N56JR


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I'm new to hackintosh ! I was waiting for something made for my Asus N56JR and tadaaa OS X Latitude made it.


I try to learn bymyself, running across forums but, and when I tried to boot the install process of El Capitan, my computer  got stuck at what people call a Kernel Panic (I think). I tried my Asus into verbose mode, and this is what I get. (when everything stop loading, my computer keep working on something with the fan at maximum speed !).


Can someone help me understand what I did wrong ? I place every file given at this page in the folder EFI as written in the "readme" file dowloaded with the .zip. Well, I think I did it right...


Attached, a photo of the error displayed on the screen. I can upload a larger photo... with the all screen.


Hope I'll get some help soon :)


Thanks !



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Post your laptop specs to be sure but I see you're using MBP11,2 SMBIOS profile so this is probably a Haswell system.


2 things to keep in mind:

1) select KernelPm option (for CPU power management through the kernel); option AsusAICPUPM is for SandyBridge/IvyBridge systems only.

2) make sure you run the vanilla AppleACPIPlatform kext

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Hi both of you ! 


Thanks for taking time with my pb. I am currently at work and not able to test the solution of switching Asus Pm option.


I'm not sure what it is and where I'm gonna find that but I will look for it tonight.


About the specs :



ASUS N56JR-S4029H (N56JR-S4029H)

Intel i7 4700HQ

Nvidia 760GTX 

8Go Ram

Hard Drive : 500go - 7500rpm (Western black)


The exact specs can be found at : http://www.ldlc.com/fiche/PB00157628.html


Just to let you know, I downloaded the bootpack zip for my computer at this page : http://www.osxlatitude.com/edp/compatibility/(and tried to follow each steps). 


Next post soon to let you know about it !


Merci Hervé ! Thanks Bronxtech !

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I had a look at the options in the clover boot menu. I didn't find how to select kernel-my option.


Found something about adding -xcpm at the boot. Didn't change anything. I am stuck with the same problem at the launching of the installer.


You are talking about vanilla AppleACPIPlatform kext - I don't get how to create or install this... Can you help me to fix that ?


Thank you for your patience and your help !

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