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E6540 USB installer won't boot

Guest Tuurbo

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I've bought a E6540 to replace my current D830 (with El Capitan) so he can go with retirement :-)
E6540 specs:
Intel Core i5-4310m
15,6" FullHD (1920x1080)
Intel HD4600
8GB DDR (2x 4GB)

BIOS version A12


I thought it would be as simple as my D830 and follow the Dell Latitude/Inspiron/Precision - El Capitan Clover Guide guide from Jake Lo. Making the USB installer was no problem, and I selected the bootpack EFI.ZIP (updated to v3949) combined with the E6540.zip file. Now I'm stucked with booting the USB installer (used left sided USB port) on the E6540 which gives the famous blurred screen with the sign in the center.



I'm note sure, but I think the problem is that I've misconfigured something for the graphics card? I've checked the config.plist for Clover and it looks like the necessary settings for the Intel HD4600 are present;


Boot -> nv_disable=1

Devices -> IntelGFX -> 0x04128086

Kernel and Kext Patches ->

 IOGraphicsFamily -> SecondStagePatch 10.11

 AppleIntelFramebufferAzul -> 9MB cursor bytes patch


The only thing I can think of is that it's common that the E6540 has a additional AMD graphics cards, where my config only has a Intel graphics. Could it be that, for example, I need to make changes in the DSDT? Or am I going in the completely wrong direction here? Of is it necessary to update de BIOS to version A17?


Hoping that somebody can point me in the right direction!

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There's no need for the nv_disable=1 parameter, that laptop has no nVidia GPU. The AMD GPU is not supported so it won't affect the system in any way.


You've got the Intel GPU injection correct but you've not mentioned the Azul Framebuffer. The E6x40 laptops with HD4600 graphics require you to inject Azul FB #12, i.e. layout-id 0x0a260006. With your HiRes LCD, you may also need to set DualLink to 1.

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Okay, I'm officially lost  :(


I've been trying this week with different options and configurations and reading more on the "Azul Framebuffer". But I'm constantly between a kernel panic and the same blurred screen from post #1.


I thought to change my bootpack to Dell Latitude E6440 with i5-4300M, HD4600 and 1600x900 LCD - Mavericks/Yosemite, because it seems like a beautiful patched DSDT, so maybe less kext patching is required? But I'm having trouble combining this with Clover. Is it possible to combine this DSDT.aml with the Clover config from Dell Latitude/Inspiron/Precision - El Capitan Clover Guide?


I've attached my current Clover based bootback. If anyone could help me what I've configured wrong I would be grateful.


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Don't think you could use DSDT from E6440 on E6540, but you could try. Just copy it to /EFI/Clover/ACPI/Patched. Just make a backup of the one there.

IF that still fails, try booting without it. Just remove all the DSDT/SSDT in that folder and boot. You will also need to uncheck DropOEM under SSDT in the Config file. Use latest Clover Configurator to do that.

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@Jake Lo: I've try'd the DSDT from the E6440 and also without a DSDT (and unchecked the DropOEM), unfortunately the same result. 

@Stefano62: I've try'd all the USB ports and also with a USB2.0 hub, unfortunately the same result.


I've found somebody who has the exact same model and exact the same problem and hoping that he found a solution...

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UPDATE! I've found a working EFI-folder to boot the USB installer  :-) Still need some work to get everything working, like the touchpad and USB-ports.


I've try'd to compare the difference in this DSDT from the one I've found from Jake Lo. Unfortunately I'm to inexperienced with DSDT's (and patching them) to see what the difference is.


Attached on this post my unpatched DSDT (extracted with Clover). I'm hoping that with this info that you can (easily?) see what the difference is and maybe update the default DSDT for the E6540?


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