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EDP support/compatibility request


Hardware Overview:

  • Intel HD3000 Integrated Graphics
  • AMD FirePro M6100 (has HDMI, DP, VGA outputs)
  • i7 2620M (Sandy Bridge)
  • Alps Touchpad
  • Broadcom Wireless N (pci ven: 14E4, dev: 4727)
  • Centrino Ultimate-N 6300 AGN (don't think this is supported by OSX)
  • Intel 82579LM Gigabit Ethernet
  • IDT HD Audio Codec
  • Firewire

Of course I can provide whatever details are required and I am more than glad to learn and help.  I'd like to use UEFI and Clover if possible.  I would like to install OSX to a MiniCard SSD to keep things neat and tidy.


Former MB Pro owner, so I have some experience in OSX terminal.


I am a software developer (.Net, C/C++) if these skills help.


I am also willing to create a guide and USB drive ISO for this laptop if we are successful.


I am ok with either the discrete card or cpu graphics if one or the other is easier to implement.  I can supply the M6100 graphics card ROM image if useful.


I'd like to use Sierra if possible, but not necessary.


Will donate whether we succeed or not, this site is a great resource.



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It's a research section so can you describe what have you done so far and where you got or what you achieved? If your thread is just to call on people to provide with instructions/files/guidance to install Sierra on your M6600, then you're in the wrong section. The EDP section does show:

Models under research for EDP

Want EDP support for your model? Create a thread with your progress and let's get started!


As you gathered yourself, no Intel wireless are supported. Check the R&D->Wireless & Bluetooth re: compatibility for your Broadcom model. Unfortunately...


The Intel 82579LM LAN card is very common to Sandy and Ivy Bridge laptops and fully supported with Mieze's driver or the older AppleIntelE1000e driver. You'll find those through a quick Google search or in the packs posted in E6x20/E6x30 guides.


Re: audio, you'll have to identify the exact IDT codec fitted to your laptop. Dell often list it in the BIOS Info page. Did you check that? I've got a funny feeling you're going to tell us it's IDT 92HD90 in which case there are details of the AppleHDA patch all over the place, including in the packs posted in E6x20 guides.


Alps Touchpad should be supported with Dr Hurt's recent driver versions (R4, R5, R6). They're available in his dedicated ALPS driver thread posted in the R&D->Keyboard & Touchpad section. Copies of those working drivers are also available in the packs posted in E6x20/E6x30/E6x40/... guides.


Installation of OS X/macOS on an mSATA is no issue at all, as long as the laptop supports them. Not all systems are actually fitted with an mSATA or a combo mini-PCIe/mSATA/USB slot. Failing that, you can use a standard SATA-adaptor or a standard SATA SSD instead.


I can't remember if that AMD dGPU is supported or not but if it isn't by default, the HD3000 iGPU will be. You'll probably have to patch your DSDT to inject the mobile SNB layout-id to the device listed at address 0x00020000 (could be called IGPU or GFX0 or VID or whatever).


I would invite you to read and familiarise yourself with Sierra installation on other Sandy Bridge laptops so that you get to known the necessary requirements (such as DSDT patches for USB ports and so on). There are also existing threads for the M6600 which I believe you already found.


Integration of computers into EDP relies on owners who have successfully installed OS X/macOS on their systems to provide us the necessary pack (bootloader config files, patched BIOS tables, drivers). It does not work the other way round... Someone has to be the 1st to do the dirty work for the benefits of the others. That's the spirit; all on a voluntary and free of charge basis.

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Thanks for the info!


Right now my main issue seems to be a cpu power state problem. It hangs every time, and I cannot get to the installer. I have some things to modify in my config.plist though, so I think I will have that addressed today.


I have a good start on a dsdt, but it does not seem to correctly set my cpu properties. I fear that my Firepro is not supported by any kext, and haven't found the way to disable it yet. I suspect that it is not possible to just disable it via dsdt because there isn't a bios option to do so.


A question for anyone who might know: this laptop has a whitelist of supported mxm graphics cards. Is it possible to remove or modify the whitelist via dsdt modifications?



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Start with NullCPUPowerManagement until you've applied the AsusAICPUPM patch and generated your own CPU-specific SSDT. If you re-use an existing one that was made for another CPU, you'll have problems. You should not have anything at all to patch in DSDT re: CPU.


If you want to disable the AMD dGPU, extract your raw BIOS tables and identify the SSDT where it's defined. That's where you're likely to find _ON / _OFF functions that you can call as externals in your DSDT.


I would not waste much time on a modded BIOS re: MXM graphics cards. Most of the time laptops use their own specific physical connectors. So if you want to swap your AMD model by another one, look for the nVidia alternative that can be fitted to the M6600.

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