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  1. @ericarthurc Could you share your Clover folder? My Macbook Pro died, so I'm having a difficult time configuring mine (same hardware as you). I'm totally fine with only using igpu. Edit: I'm trying to install Mojave. I have it installed on sata ssd, but can't get the machine to do the first boot after install. Thanks!
  2. I've downloaded that EFI zip, but my install is haging with this as the last line: forcing cs runtime for entitlement com.apple.rootless.install I have disabled discrete graphics in the 7510 bios, and disabled TPE, and all virtualization settings as well. Booting UEFI with ACHI as mode. My 7510 has the i7-6820HQ cpu instead of the xeon. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.
  3. So - you do not need an SSDT to set the layout-id? Do you use the HDAEnabler.kext instead? Thanks!
  4. Thanks for the info! Right now my main issue seems to be a cpu power state problem. It hangs every time, and I cannot get to the installer. I have some things to modify in my config.plist though, so I think I will have that addressed today. I have a good start on a dsdt, but it does not seem to correctly set my cpu properties. I fear that my Firepro is not supported by any kext, and haven't found the way to disable it yet. I suspect that it is not possible to just disable it via dsdt because there isn't a bios option to do so. A question for anyone who might know: this laptop has a whitelist of supported mxm graphics cards. Is it possible to remove or modify the whitelist via dsdt modifications? Cheers!
  5. EDP support/compatibility request Hardware Overview: Intel HD3000 Integrated Graphics AMD FirePro M6100 (has HDMI, DP, VGA outputs) i7 2620M (Sandy Bridge) Alps Touchpad Broadcom Wireless N (pci ven: 14E4, dev: 4727) Centrino Ultimate-N 6300 AGN (don't think this is supported by OSX) Intel 82579LM Gigabit Ethernet IDT HD Audio Codec Firewire Of course I can provide whatever details are required and I am more than glad to learn and help. I'd like to use UEFI and Clover if possible. I would like to install OSX to a MiniCard SSD to keep things neat and tidy. Former MB Pro owner, so I have some experience in OSX terminal. I am a software developer (.Net, C/C++) if these skills help. I am also willing to create a guide and USB drive ISO for this laptop if we are successful. I am ok with either the discrete card or cpu graphics if one or the other is easier to implement. I can supply the M6100 graphics card ROM image if useful. I'd like to use Sierra if possible, but not necessary. Will donate whether we succeed or not, this site is a great resource. Thanks!
  6. Could you share how you were able to UEFI boot? I cannot get UEFI boot to work at all. Thanks!
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