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  1. So - you do not need an SSDT to set the layout-id? Do you use the HDAEnabler.kext instead? Thanks!
  2. Thanks for the info! Right now my main issue seems to be a cpu power state problem. It hangs every time, and I cannot get to the installer. I have some things to modify in my config.plist though, so I think I will have that addressed today. I have a good start on a dsdt, but it does not seem to correctly set my cpu properties. I fear that my Firepro is not supported by any kext, and haven't found the way to disable it yet. I suspect that it is not possible to just disable it via dsdt because there isn't a bios option to do so. A question for anyone who might know: this laptop has a whitelist of supported mxm graphics cards. Is it possible to remove or modify the whitelist via dsdt modifications? Cheers!
  3. EDP support/compatibility request Hardware Overview: Intel HD3000 Integrated Graphics AMD FirePro M6100 (has HDMI, DP, VGA outputs) i7 2620M (Sandy Bridge) Alps Touchpad Broadcom Wireless N (pci ven: 14E4, dev: 4727) Centrino Ultimate-N 6300 AGN (don't think this is supported by OSX) Intel 82579LM Gigabit Ethernet IDT HD Audio Codec Firewire Of course I can provide whatever details are required and I am more than glad to learn and help. I'd like to use UEFI and Clover if possible. I would like to install OSX to a MiniCard SSD to keep things neat and tidy. Former MB Pro owner, so I have some experience in OSX terminal. I am a software developer (.Net, C/C++) if these skills help. I am also willing to create a guide and USB drive ISO for this laptop if we are successful. I am ok with either the discrete card or cpu graphics if one or the other is easier to implement. I can supply the M6100 graphics card ROM image if useful. I'd like to use Sierra if possible, but not necessary. Will donate whether we succeed or not, this site is a great resource. Thanks!
  4. Could you share how you were able to UEFI boot? I cannot get UEFI boot to work at all. Thanks!
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