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Precision 7510: Looking to install Mojave

Nguyễn Thanh Nam

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On 12/23/2019 at 3:34 AM, Hervé said:

Post split to its own thread...


You should find all you need here, especially on last page.


I've downloaded that EFI zip, but my install is haging with this as the last line:


forcing cs runtime for entitlement com.apple.rootless.install


I have disabled discrete graphics in the 7510 bios, and disabled TPE, and all virtualization settings as well.  Booting UEFI with ACHI as mode.


My 7510 has the i7-6820HQ cpu instead of the xeon.


Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

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 i7-6820HQ will be fine.

Set BIOS to this:

  • UEFI
  • AHCI
  • Legacy Option ROMs - disabled (uncheck)
  • Enabled Switchable Graphics  (Check)
  • Discrete Graphics Controller Direct Output Mode - disabled (uncheck)
  • Secure Boot - disabled
  • TPM 1.2/2.0 - disabled (Optional)
  • Disable all USB/LAN/WLAN/AC Wake Support
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