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DELL M6600 - How to install Mavericks? I need a tutorial step by step.


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I have got my Dell m6600 since one year, but I just got bored of Windows 7 system.


My m6600 have got:

17.3" FHD(1920x1080)
Intel Core i7-2720QM CPU @ 2,20 GHz

8,00 GB of RAM

AMD FirePro M8900 Mobility Pro 2GB GDDR5 


and 2 hard drives:

1) SSD 120GB

2) normal one 720GB


I am completly new in hackintosh systems and I totally don't know how to even start.

Should I install my OS X on SSD?

Please, link me a tutorial or just write step by step what I should prepare / download / install and how.



I look forward to you reply :)


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Was there, found no M6600 guide and I don't know if I can just do like other dells because I haven't got Nvidia graphic card.
As I told, I really need and hope for just suggest like "do like in this guilde and write if you will have problems" :)

Anyway - thanks for respond, peace :)

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I have no idea how to even start and if I have any chances to install it with my AMD FirePro M8900 graphic.

Which tools should I use? Which tutorial should I follow to at least... try?



I have found only this site http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/286437-dell-precision-m6600-firepro-m8900-6970m-framebuffer-problem-with-vga/ but I haven't found any advices how to start and what to use...

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Well I have tried to install OS X Mountain Lion at the beggining.

I made a bootable Pendrive and I have installed clover on the second pendrive.


I have started then after like one minute I have seen this info:



I don't know what to do now...

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Changed my Clover to the newest version (I was unable to add any flags in previous one), 

now I got stuck on:


1) Apple logo and spinning wheel without any flags

2) This info with -v


I don't know what to do.

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