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[SOLVED] Dell Inspiron 5558 - 10.12 Sierra - Audio Problem


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Ok I set the DVMT to 94MB with grub the video is working perfectly without the Rehab patch.


​Now I used your Sierra 5548_HD5500_Only.zip,   I can hear the sound activating on boot, and the  AppleHDA_ALC255.kext is loaded, the sound appears to be working but on sound settings I have the message "No output devices foud" Can you help me? I think I'm finally close to solve my audio issue.


Finally I make this work!! I forgot to add the layout-id patch on DSDT file.


Thank you Jake Lo your help was the only one that make me understand these things.


I just need one more help to make battery status work, can you help me? I installed the ACPIBatteryManager.kext but I can't find the right DSDT patch to my Dell inspiration 5558

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