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DELL E5520 didnt find the EFI-Folder (explorer works only on root-directory)


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Hi Guys,


thats my first Topic and i´m very new in Hackintosh.

My Problem is:


I Installed Yosemite with clover Bootstick (EFI), used the Bootfiles from here.

Installation was good, then i Installed CLOVER in my Created Efi-Partition.


Go in the BIOS, try to make a Boot-Entry, but the "explorer" only display the root-directory of the Partition Correctly, below the root it shwos only Kryptical signs Like E|||. (only a example, but the same Sense.


When  i put the BOOTX64.EFI in the root i can see it, but clover wont recognize the MAC-Partition.

 I tried all, downgrade to older Bios, upgrade again to A14, FAT32, FAT16....


In Case that it could be important: Its an Smasung EVO 840 SSD...


Hope someone cam help :(


Thank you very much.....



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Hi Jake Lo and Herve,


thanks for your Answeres... Yeah, i think i will try the Chameleon-Way, im not familar with chameleion, so i will read the Instructions totay.


But 2 Questions: Will expect me worse when i need a Dual-Boot Win10 and OSX?

Second: Efi-Boot will work with chamelion on my Latitude, or have i to Install in legacy?


Thank´s very much :)

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Yeah, i decide to do that (use chameleon), legacyboot is much better then Zero-Boot :D

Want back my Latitude 6430 :(

If i install OSX as Legacy and Win10 in EFI (Win works in Efi), there should be no Trouble with the Wondows-Bootloader, is that right??

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