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E7450 - Brightness keys not working with karbiner-elements


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Hello Again.


Back with another issue now.


Have with help of the forum crew been able to install macOS Sierra on my Dell Latitude E7450 with discrete nvidia 840m

And during the post installation process and to enable the FN keys to performe volume and brightness controll.


I have gotten everything to work except the brightness keys

What i used was 


Brightness Control

  1. Download and Install Karabiner-Elements
  2. Launch Karabiner-Elements
  3. Copy karabiner.json to ~/.config/Karabiner zip.gif  karabiner.json.zip   471bytes   0 downloads
  4. Now use F11 & F12 for Brightness, use F1, F2, & F3 for Volumes Control


All keys work except F11 and F12 for the brightness controll, how ever karambiner event logger shows the command being sent 




Currently it feels that the display is a little bit dark compared to the attached monitor i use as well.

Anybody has any ideas on what i could do?



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