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How are people updating D630 to 10.7.2?


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Installed OSX Lion on D630 ,2Ghz CPU, Nvidia graphics, 1280x800 using usb pen method.

10.7 ran fine. Installed EDP/Chameleon. No Issues.

Installed 10.7.1 update. No Issues.

Installed 10.7.2 combo update. Now, it boots but I get a blackscreen right when (I think) it wants to start the GUI. If I boot with -x -v, it boots up with no issues. I have tried re-running edp and re-installing Chameleon, still no luck.


I see this forum peppered with people already on 10.7.2 with their D630's. Can anyone share their update method? Please?

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I downloaded Lion from App store using my Mini Server couple of weeks ago. I used the MyHack method described on the wiki. The download was 10.7.2 so there was no update. I used EDP 2.2. Sorry I know that is not much help .....


I do know that when I updated from 10.6.3 to 10.6.8 it took several tries to get a stable build. I would not try an over the update unless everything was running well and you can start without KPs.




Good luck,



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Thanks for the input.


I have it working now.

Lucky for me that booting from the usb pen with -x -v would get me into 10.7.2. I did that, and then re-downloaded the boot pack for D630, then manually moved all files into /Extra on the Lion HD, overwriting the existing files. I then re-ran edp, choosing the same options as were working previously, and let it rebuild the kernel cache, etc. Waited a few min, for that to complete, then re-installed Chameleon as well. Removed USB key and rebooted. It booted to the login screen with no problem!


I haven't found anything yet that doesn't work. Here is what is working in 10.7.2:


Accelerated Video. Plays 720p youtube HD videos.

Sound - no issues so far, vol up/down/mute work.

Wifi - no issues. Haven't tried wired ethernet yet.

Sleep - no issues on sleep/wake. Closing Lid to sleep/Opening to wake works too.

Multi Displays - I can connect VGA cable to my Dell monitor without issue. Mirroring displays works with no issue (it would scramble the display when I did this in 10.7)

DVD Burner


Haven't tried:




Don't have :


Bluetooth module


I am hopeful that this build is stable, time will tell I guess. Now, if I could only have things go this smoothly on my D830 .. I really miss the crisp 1920x1200 display, way nicer than this lower res screen on the D630.

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pop the d630's hdd into the d830 and test if it works than build the d830 with the same options as d630 but only try if there both the same video type... gma or nvidia... there hardware is almost the same on those models

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