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High Sierra beta on Dell Inspiron 5759 (Skylake with Intel HD 520)


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Hello All


I need help in booting high sierra using enoch


installed highsierra core for quick to test 


it is working with clover properly but wake after sleep never work in clover 


failed booting with enoch due to having problem with AppleACPIPlatform kext that system stuck on apple logo . Mach reboot




my system is dell skylake hd520 , using smbios imac17



Attached is my enoch extra folder dsdt , ssdt ,with clover config plist




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Which Enoch version are you using? r2889?


You've configured Enoch with boot parameter KernelBooter_kexts set to Yes but there is no Extensions folder with kexts inside your /Extra folder. You'll never inject kexts in that way. KernelBooter_kexts operates without cache so kexts placed in /L/E will be ignored. Where are your add-on kexts?


You stated you used iMac17 SMBIOS, but that's only with Clover. Your /Extra folder shows MacBook9,1 SMBIOS (which I think is perfectly Ok if you have a laptop)... It would help if you would specify your exact Dell model and its hardware specs.

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Thank u Herve 
My system is


Dell inspiron 5000 series - 5759
Core i3  17.3 inch display 
Graphics is hd 520 Skylake


i am using enoch r2889


I think it is a dsdt or ssdt edits are needed so i sent both dsdt and ssdts used in clover and enoch


attached is the kexts used in enoch and clover


using the clover config plist file attached before makes the system boot properly but the enoch boot plist makes system stuck with match reboot


Hope u can sort this so i can upload the boot pack to help others


Thank u





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