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[SUCCESS] High Sierra - Latitude 3450


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Ok, install Clover and use the same bootpack for Sierra, just add the additional drop table BGRT and generate a new SMBIOS with the latest Clover Configurator 4.45.

Try booting to different USB ports.

For my E7450, I'll get encounter "Still Waiting for root device". Normally this will failed on older builds, but for HS, it'll continue booting. A new message shows "USB device 0984830114D00000 - will be reset!"

After that a bunch more messages appears and eventually a grey screen, the the installer will appear.

Continue the normal installation process.

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Sorry for the late reply...


Some things I have tried:

  • I tried redoing the SMBIOS while keeping BGRT.  
  • I tried both MacBookAir7,2 and MacBookPro12,1 SMBIOS.  
  • I tried using Lilu.kext and IntelGraphicsDVMTfixup.kext.
  • I tried booting from an SSD with High Sierra beta 2 already installed.


They all resulted with the same reboot issue.  


The same config.plists all boot my existing 10.2.5 system perfectly.  


Thanks again for your time.  I wish I could buy you guys a few beers...

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Just wanted to let everyone know that I upgrade from Sierra to High Sierra on my laptop without any problems.


Here's what I did prior to the update:

1.  Updated to latest version of Clover.

2.  Placed High Sierra compatible version of apfs.efi in to /EFI/CLOVER/drivers64UEFI/.

3.  Updated to latest versions of FakeSMC, FakePCIID, Lilu.


Then, I just updated to High Sierra from App Store.


Thanks once again to everyone here!!

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