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    https://composter.com.ua/documents/PCIe_Protocol_Updates_2011.pdf some explanation of PM and ASPM
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    Seems more related to the password but, again, those cards are not worth the effort. Given the recent developments on better Broadcom M.2 cards (hint: BCM4350), you should not waste time with these poorly supported Atheros cards and switch to a supported Broadcom model.
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    Those issues and limitations are already clearly posted on Chunnann's original thread at InsanelyMac (see from post #21); let's not unnecessarily duplicate info here, it's best to report issues to Chunnann directly in at IM. The above facility is a mere adaptation of Chunnann's work posted here. For the record, only AR946x cards appear to run at decent speeds to date. NB: Re: macOS versions, you obviously meant 10.13 and 10.12 (not 10.3 and 10.2)
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