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  1. Last update: 06 Jan 2020 Questions around this Broadcom BCM4350 chipset (in particular the Dell DW1820A) have resurfaced again so I digged into the matter since most people reported it did not work. Outside the model fitted to Apple MacBooks (subsystem id 106b:0131, rev. 05), Wikidevi lists a few cards cards for this chipset, including: Dell DW1820A (several models with different part numbers) Foxconn T77H649.00 (Lenovo part number 00JT494) Lite-on WCBN808B (Lenovo part number 00JT493) All those cards carry PCI id 14e4:43a3 and normally offer high spe
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  2. Dec. 2010-Dec. 2020 It's hard to believe that it's been 10 years already! What a road since the early days of Snow Leopard on the Latitude D430! To celebrate this, we've undertaken a small forum clean-up, implemented some optimisation on the hosting server side, upgraded the community board and splashed out on a new forum Theme. We hope you'll all enjoy it and thank you for your loyalty to OSXLatitude. OSXL Crew
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  3. -+-+-+-+-+-+ /!\ BIG SUR /!\ -+-+-+-+-+-+ Big Sur dropped support for Broadcom BCM4331 and BCM43324 which results in AirPortBrcm4360 no more! This basically extended death to DW1820A. A workaround is to call on a patched version of Catalina's IO80211Family kext where only AirPortBrcm4360 has been retained as PlugIn. See here for details. With OpenCore, the patched kext can be placed in the OC kexts folder and added to the list of add-on kexts in the OC config. Add minimum kernel set to 20 if the config is also used for previous macOS version(s). IO80211C
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