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  1. Nice one, thanks Jake, that seems to have done the trick! Not sure if I'm imagining it but the system appears to have more P States now and working turbo. Cheers again
  2. Not using NullCPUPowerManagement SMBIOS is set to MBP9,2 SSDT generated by Pike R Alpha's script and placed in EFT/CLOVER/ACPI/patched Now I've just checked my clover config and I don't have P States and C States generated but I've noticed I've got some dropped tables specified. See attached. I guess this is my problem?
  3. Hmmm, it seems no matter what switches I choose(I've generated a few SSDT's) I am either locked to 2.6GHz or 800Mhz! Little if no speedstep and no turbo. Any ideas on what I'm doing wrong?
  4. Thanks Jake. I've run ssdtprgen.sh using -TURBO 3300 and generated a new SSDT. Should this overwrite my existing one or should I rename as SSDT-1 and drop into EFI? Cheers
  5. Another hopefully quick question. I've noticed my CPU doesn't Turbo anymore. I ran Intel Power Gadget whilst running GeekBench. My CPU maxed at 2.6GHz not 3.3. What should I check? SSDT? Clover Config? SMBIOS(I'm using MacBookPro 9,2 currently)? Cheers
  6. Hey all, Sorry to hijack the thread, let me know if its more appropriate to start a new thread. I've finally managed to reinstall OSX (10.11.6) on my E6330 and followed Jake's Clover guide. I got a few issues along the way(a few kernel panics on booting and audio not working) but after rebuilding the kext cache several times it all seemed to work without any problems! So thanks to Jake for the guide. I've since run into a problem though, although audio works fine, it seems that jack detection has either stopped working or has never worked. So if I want to use my headphones, I have to boot up with them plugged in. Has anyone else experienced this? Cheers
  7. After a while away from installing OS X I have tried once more to get Yosemite up and running. This time I used Jake Lo's guide for E6XXX/E7XXX here (I used my own DSDT and AppleHDA). Just about everything works perfectly, apart from the battery status again! Sometimes it detects the battery, others it does not. If the battery is detected it cannot determine how much charge or runtime is available. Although I think I'll be doing this all over again when 10.11 comes out, is anyone able to help me resolve this? Cheers
  8. Still no joy I'm afraid. Maybe I've done something wrong somewhere. I'll try a fresh install soon.
  9. OK, I'll try that today. Just to confirm, do you mean AppleSmartBatteryManager is left untouched in SLE, or do you delete it? Cheers
  10. Same results for me I'm afraid. My battery is detected most of the time. When running on battery the system cannot determine how much time the battery has left. Every 30 seconds or so, the battery icon shows an X for a second, then shows the battery again. It can show the battery % charge though. Where have you installed ACPIBatteryManager.kext and do you still have AppleSmartBatteryManager.kext in SLE? Cheers
  11. Thanks Jake. Fn+F3 and Fn+Insert work for screen brightness. Still haven't got round to checking speedstep, will try today. Good to know it is not just me with the battery problems! Cheers
  12. Thanks Jake. I've tried it now, think it has helped, not entirely sure yet(need to check speedstep). I've now got screen brightness working through system preferences, but still not on Fn+UP or FN+Down keys. Is this done through VoodooPS2.kext? Battery detection is still sporadic. Will try and check out the remaining things tonight. Cheers
  13. Hi Jake, I've reinstalled Yosemite(10.10.1) using Clover to try and get it to 100% but I'm still struggling with a few things. If the offer still stands, can you look at the DSDT for me please? If so, do you want it as a DSL or AML file? And what is the best way to extract it using MacIASL? Do I need to boot from a USB stick or am I OK to do this from my Yosemite installation? Things that I can't seem to fix are: Battery detection(I'm using v1.5.3 of ACPIBatteryManager) Screen brightness and brightness control keys Speedstep(P-States?) - I only seem to get 1.2GHz and 2.6GHz. Nothing inbetween and no turbo. Sometimes, after logging in, the system will immediately sleep. I can get back in by waking it with the power button. Is there a known fix for this? Any help greatly appreciated Cheers
  14. 8086-1e20 is the same as mine. Didn't think the E6330 had variations on the audio codec but worth checking. Where did you get your DSDT from? In the DSDT, under HDEF section there should be a line like this: "layout-id", Buffer() { 0x0C, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00 }, This needs to match in AppleHDA. Might be easier, and probably faster for Jake to patch your files if his offer still stands! RE iCloud, I haven't had any problems with it so I can't help there unfortunately, sorry.
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