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  1. Seems, Herve was right all along. My card has VID 1969 DID 1083. I must have mistyped when I was writing that guide. Sorry for the confusion.
  2. Well I do remember looking for that kext myself for the longest time. But, I can't remember the details right now. Sorry. It's definitely the kext I'm using for my Ethernet card, tho. To be sure, I'll check at home my PCI ids and post them here. As for my WLAN I'm using a normal OS X kext (I just needed to change my card's info in the DSDT).
  3. Sorry, it took me so long! I kept forgetting about this thread. I've attached the kext I've been successfully using. Hope it works for you! AtherosL1cEthernet.kext.zip
  4. The one in the pack worked perfectly. I'll check at home if I have an updated version of that kext or if I'm still using the same file.
  5. Did the values for AppleHDA patching changed for 10.10?
  6. That's great! I've been thinking about it some more and got one more idea. How about enabling/disabling all LED indicators under the touchpad (without the one for power button)? Is that possible? Those damn things always irritate me when they mirror on my display while I'm watching something.
  7. The driver works great. With each version it's just getting better and better. : D Outstanding work, EMlyDinEsh! We talked before briefly about the possibility to turn off keyboard LED notification for Num Lock. Is that feature still in the works?
  8. EMlyDinEsh, I've seen here keyboard backlight DSDT implementation, which adds 16 steps of brightness control for it and was thinking if simillar method can be implemented to work with display backlight driver as well?
  9. Do you experience any problems with HD3000 on your rig? Like artifacts or screen freezes due to hangs in graphics engine?
  10. Ravven

    ASUS X73SV

    Initial release v1.0 is done! Please add this to EDP, if it can be used.
  11. Testing 2.7.5 and it works great! Love the 2nd mode of Fn Keys! My previous right alt not working issue is gone. Also thanks for including option for Context key working as another Cmd key! As far as issues go, so far I've got only one - hot corner still doesn't work for me. Mouse cursor jumps to appropriate corner, but it stays a few pixel shy of the screen border, thus it's not activating assigned function. Besides that I've got one suggestion for keyboard driver to include in next update. I use my numpad keys a lot, but I hate that LED indicator for it. Could you possibly add another function to only disable that LED from turning on?
  12. Dinesh, were you able to successfully create AppleHDA for 10.8.3? Apple changed few things with new driver and I can't get it right. :/
  13. Ravven

    ASUS X73SV

    That would be awesome. Thanks! I'll send it to you.
  14. Ravven

    ASUS X73SV

    Hey, guys! This is the thread for ASUS X73SV laptop. I'd like to share with you all, what I've managed to achieve with this awesome machine! I'm asumming everyone knows how to create installer and/or install OS X and I won't be explaining that. There are a lot of guides you can find around the net about how to install vanilla OS X system (and on this machine you certainly can and I encourage you to do so!). Let's go straight in! Happy hac! Specifications: Processor - Intel Core i7 2670QM (2,2 GHz - 3,1 GHz with Turbo Boost) Graphics - Intel HD3000 Graphics 512 MB with nVidia GeForce GT540M 1 GB (Optimus) RAM - 2x4GB DDR3 (1333MHz) WLAN - Atheros AR9002WB-1NG - AR9285 chipset (AR5B195 combo) Bluetooth - Atheros AR3011 (AR5B195 combo) LAN - Realtek RTL8151 Atheros AR8151 PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet Audio - Realtek ALC269 Touchpad - Elantech SmartPad (v3 hardware) WebCam - Asus USB 2.0 WebCam (Alcor Micro, Corp.) Card Reader - Multi Flash Card Reader (Alcor Micro, Corp. - PID 0x6366) Monitor - LG Display LGD02D1 - 1600x900 Optical Drive - Slimtype BD E DS4E1S Release v1.0 notes: (works with 10.8.4) What's working: - Intel HD3000 Graphics with native 1600x900 resolution and QE/CI - Audio (speakers and microphone - both internal and with jacks) - Wi-Fi (as AirPort Extreme) - Bluetooth (but it can't be turned off) - Ethernet - WebCam (with CamTwist) - Elan SmarPad touchpad - Sleep - Native Power Management - Keyboard with Context and Fn hotkeys - Card Reader - Optical Drive - HDMI Out (video) - Battery (only indicator charging/full/working on battery) What doesn't work: - Battery (percentage and information) - work in progress; - VGA Out - as I don't need it and probably won't need it, I probably won't have the motivation to fix SNB kext each time new update comes for it to always work (maybe I'll look into it later with Clover's kext on-the-fly patching); - HDMI Out (audio) - didn't have time to do it, will probably do it in time; - Sleep invoked by closing down the lid - work in progress; - Bluetooth's turning on/off - work in progress. What won't work: - GeForce GT540M - Optimus technology is not supported by Macs, so probably it will never work. Known issues: - HD3000 is rarely creating artifacts, but there is a known issue of it creating graphics engine hangs. There are two workarounds that work for me: 1) connecting another display through HDMI and enabling display cloning/mirroring; 2) using Quartz Debug enabling Disable 2D Acceleration option. Stuff included in my files for ASUS X73SV ACPI Tables: - DSDT - SSDT files for my processor Kexts: 1. Custom: - ApplePS2Controller & ApplePS2ElanTouchpad - v2.7.5 - AsusNBWMI - v1.4 - IOath3krmwr - v1.1.4 - FakeSMC - v5.1.67 - AppleSmartBatteryManager - v1.32* - AtherosL1cEthernet - v1.0.2b2 - AppleUSBCardReader - v2.5.1 2. Patched: - AppleHDA - v2.3.1* (this is a 10.8.2 version, but it works without problems on 10.8.3-4) - IOAudioFamily - v1.8.9* 3. Not included: - NullCPUPowerManagement - for those of you, who don't have patched BIOS or don't use Clover as bootloader (which autopatches AICPUPM) * AppleSmatBatteryManager, AppleHDA, IOAudioFamilly replace your vanilla kexts, so remember to back them up, if you plan on using them later. AppleHDA and IOAudioFamilly information: As many different sound cards have different specifications and builds not all AppleHDA kexts for the same card will work for all. With that in mind, I'm posting some information about my card, so you can check, if my AppleHDA will work with your card. As for IOAudioFiamilly - since my ALC269 card has also EAPD node 0x2 at Node 14, I have to use patched IOAudioFamilly to have sound, when my laptop wakes up from sleep. My ALC269 card has following nodes and paths (plus EAPD): Speaker - Node 14 Paths: 20 -> 13 -> 3 (0x14 -> 0x0d -> 0x03) Headphone - Node 21 Paths: 33 -> 12 -> 2 (0x21 -> 0x0c -> 0x02) Internal Mic - Node 19 Paths: 25 -> 35 -> 8 (0x19 -> 0x23 -> 0x08) External Mic - Node 18 Paths: 24 -> 34 -> 9 (0x18 -> 0x22 -> 0x09) If it won't work, I strongly recommend to create your own patched AppleHDA. Extra information and guides: 1. patching AppleHDA and IOAudioFamilly - https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/forum/76-applehda/ 2. settings for keyboard and touchpad - https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/1948-elan-touchpad-driver-mac-os-x/ 3. settings for Fn hotkeys - https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/1948-elan-touchpad-driver-mac-os-x/ P.S. As a some kind of bonus I'm also including files for my display (LGD02D1 - VID: 30E4 PID: 2D1): - folder DisplayVendorID-30e4 - will show proper information about display in About this Mac (to install copy to System/Library/Displays/Overrides and reboot) - calibration file the display - display calibration for laptop monitor you chose in it's settings (to install in Finder go to ~/Library/ColorSync/Profiles - press Shift + Cmd + G, then chose it in display settings) Ravven's ASUS X73SV files.zip
  15. Any easy way to manually patch the files? Which of the attached kexts, is your actual driver, Dinesh? I have the same EAPD node as you, so I'd like to use the same kext, you are using.
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