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  1. Thank you! I thought I should change the keyboard on input sources.
  2. I didn't find where to change keys on the PrefPanel ^_^"
  3. Thanks! Everything is working now! I have two question, just to understand more XD 1. Using the integrated card am I going to have better battery performance? 2. I think my Alt and Win type are inverted XD Cause in other hackintosh, to open Spotlight I use to press Win + Space, but here I have to use Alt + Space. Is that correct? Can I change it? cause it's confusing having two pc with different shortcuts XD
  4. Yeah I got one, but I don't remember which one ^__^" I guess there was an error with a kext
  5. Yes I did. After I copied the files, it gave me the error messages, than I used the terminal following the guide. should i do that again? XD
  6. Audio not working. There are no audio devices on Settings. No inputs, no outputs.
  7. I just chosed a bad device from the magic wand on Clover Configurator. Now I back to the bottpack settings. Everything works perfectly BUT the audio XD
  8. Ok guys, thank you. Everything is done. Now the only thing not working is the Webcam o.O It should to work, even when I was installing the Os, I used the webcam to create the user picture
  9. Ok, Now it works. But after i chose the language, when I press "Continue", it says "To dowload and restore macOS, your comuter's eligibility will be verified with Apple". I presso Continue, but nothing happens XD How can I go on?
  10. Yes I do Wait, I change the DSDT file in ACPI/patched XD I forgot to do that XD
  11. Hi guys, I'm here again XD I tried to install Sierra on my laptop, following the Clover guide, and using the proper package. I get the apple logo, the loading starts and then...black screen.
  12. Is it activated?
  13. Hi guys! I put an ssd on my E6520, with El capitan perfectly working. Should I use some terminal code about trim force? o.O I don't know honestly
  14. Well, actually i think that the DW1510 is a good choice for me. I won't spent too much money, also cause i would buy a ssd and maybe improve the ram, and the dw1510 is not too much expensive. Anyway, how can I make iMessenger, FaceTime,ecc working?
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