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  1. Is there a full guide on how to install High Sierra on the E6530? I've searched around, but not found one. Even better, if there is a guide plus boot pack
  2. My BIOS is A13. It works for a while. I don't use the machine, start it up and then the artifacts are back yet if I do a clean install it's working again.
  3. Urgh, I got the webcam working thanks to another post on here and now my artifacts are back. Everything seems to still be working but the graphics is a little frustrating. I've tried disabling Optimus in the BIOS and I'm running A13. Any other ideas?
  4. I just tried to update Sierra via the App Store and whilst it appeared to install correctly, I got stuck in a kernel panic boot cycle. I reinstated my EFI folder that I backed up before the update and no different. Won't be installing the update again.
  5. Hi Jake I am running with Optimus enabled and everything is great until I install the Apple IDT kext into the Library/Extensions folder. However, I since found your HD4000 and Optimus pack and found a AppleHDA kext in there. I've put that in my kexts folder and the audio is working without the artifacts, so thank you Now, just need to get the Webcam working.
  6. I've managed to get a clean install of Sierra working but have not managed to get a few hardware issues sorted out. The biggest is the audio. As soon as I install the audio kext and reboot, I get artifacts all over the screen. This doesn't happen when the kext is not loaded. My spec: Dell E6530 Latitude Intel 4000/NVS5200 Nvidia 16Gb RAM i7 Any pointers would be great.
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