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  1. @KemalALKIN, What is Bios version on your E5440?
  2. Thank you. Will try it tonight
  3. Hi all, Is there any way to bypass Clover menu to boot straight up to High Sierra? Config file attached in this post. Thank you. config.plist.zip
  4. I did after I took this picture. The model is Toshiba KSG60ZMV256G. Thanks for your advise
  5. @Jake Lo when finish the installation, copied EFI folder, kext files...Laptop boots from Hackintosh SSD, the screen shows a lot of command running before Apple logo appears. Is it normal boot or I did something wrong?
  6. @Hervé You are right. I really don’t know this is what I have
  7. @Jake Lo You are the best. It works. Thanks for your support
  8. @Jake Lo, It was busy at work. Will try in this weekend. Thanks for your follow up. Happy Friday
  9. Hi all, As the tittle, my E5470 does not detect any SSD (M2 or 2.5"). Bios version 1.18.6. System information below
  10. @Bronxteck, I just swapped Toshiba M2 SSD
  11. @Bronxteck It is Intel® SSD 530 Series
  12. @Jake Lo It works. I see the HDD but I got the “Stop” sign when reboot
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