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  1. A little more than a minute maybe. I am using a 7200RPM HDD though.
  2. No, I meant that I was experiencing a longer boot time. I have the timeout at 0 in the config.plist.
  3. Wow, I am feeling kind of stupid now because that seemed like a pretty easy fix. Now, do you know if any of those kexts I listed were unneeded? Do you know anything about the battery life, getting multi-touch gestures to work, or a slightly longer boot time?
  4. @Jake Lo , I have followed your guide for the e7450 before. This particular one has the following specs: Intel Core i5-5300U Intel HD 5500 Graphics DW1830 WiFi/Bluetooth Card 8GB DDR3 RAM I can't seem to get my wifi to work. I have searched dozens of previous posts and can't find anything. I am experiencing ping's of up to 14000 (tested in terminal), and when wifi does work it is is at most .5 mbps. This isn't just after sleep, but all the time. Bluetooth, however, is working perfectly. I have attached problem reporting files. These Kext's are insta
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