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  1. I managed to load a fresh version of mojave just finishing up the settings, in your dell post there were some files that needed to be run in terminal ssh ssd or something like that and then save to patched folder is there no such files to run for this pc, maybe that is why i am having this issues
  2. for the past 2 hours have been battling and cannot load the macos back not even in safe mode, i tried everything, that efi file seems to have did something going to load it from scratch again
  3. Being battling to load this mac since I loaded the efi folder and restarted. It is getting stuck IOConsoleUsers:gIOScreenLockstate 3,hs,0,bs 0 ,now 0, sm 0x0
  4. Tried it now and it does not work, it takes the pc into a boot loop, after loading the config.philst file i restarted the pc but it loads on the apple logo half way and goes back to the clover boot screen, does not want to start up again.
  5. not yet busy redoing the laptop for now will do the desktop later
  6. How come through the vm ware with mojave my sound plays but not when i install it via the usb on to another hard drive
  7. I am getting an error with this zip " unexpected character at line 1"
  8. Thanks, because it bombed out I made another usb to boot with Mojave and busy loading that on the laptop will load your kexts once done, will let you know, I managed to get a usb wifi dongle so I ended not buying a wifi module works great actually faster.
  9. I cannot get access to that, the laptop won't start so I cannot get this refi now, I am going to reload Mojave via a bootable usb for now and see if that helps, do you have any thing that I need to add into that refi folder for Mojave for the laptop to get the audio to work
  10. I am trying to post it but it is 25mb and not attaching even if I compress it it goes to 19mb
  11. It was an update from the Mac store
  12. For some reason when I put that refi there I could not boot anymore it kept boot looping so I had to reinstall and using the second refi you posted, using that for now.
  13. Okay I spoke to soon, it installed and worked properly, I did a restart now it does not boot into Mojave anymore, keeps rebooting into the clover boot screen
  14. My Mac Mojave is fully installed on the dell E5430, everything except the audio is working, it shows that there is no audio device present, before the update it worked fine, Any help with this please
  15. That worked for the mouse, Thanks, can you help with the audio and graphics please
  16. Also if i move the mouse wheel down it goes up and vice versa, it is like the wheel scrool is inverted, if i can just fix these issues
  17. I managed to get HDMI to show in my sound settings but still no sound coming out, i figured out how to get the dsdt file and i believe that if there is a problem it will be here, please see if you can help with sorting out and also advising how to patch it back and sort out the graphics DSDT.aml.zip
  18. I disabled the -v in boot arg which caused it to install fully then doom and gloom boot loop
  19. it was going into a constant boot loop cycle like, it did the whole upgrade thing but when it tried starting after loading the firmware it was always rebooting making the laptop unusable
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