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  1. Hello, I have an issue with the estimated remaining battery indication of my hackintosh. When I reach 0% of battery (indicated in the status bar), the laptop can continue to work maybe 20 or 30 minutes more. I did not have this issue with windows : when it reached 5% or less, the laptop was shutted down. Is it a calibration issue of the hackintosh ? How to get rid of this problem and retrieve a realistic remaining battery indicator ? Thanks
  2. Hello, For those who have troubles to get the bluetooth working after a sleep, a new unofficial BrcmPatchRAM package has been created by GRID-H (thanks) that should solve this issue. You can retrieve this version here : https://github.com/Grid-H/OS-X-BrcmPatchRAM. I tested the fix by going and leaving the sleep 10x. No bluetooth issue found
  3. Here the SDDT I created. I tried to include the USB ports of the dock as well.
  4. You're right, seems to be a USB 2 dongle : 2.4G Wireless Mouse : Identifiant du produit : 0x4102 Identifiant du fournisseur : 0x062a (ProVision Technology, Inc.) Version : 3.21 Vitesse : Jusqu’à 12 Mb/s Fabricant : MOSART Semi. Identifiant de l’emplacement : 0x14631200 / 9 Courant disponible (mA) : 500 Courant requis (mA) : 100 Exploitation supplémentaire actuelle (mA) : 0 but why I got an issue when plugging in into an usb 3 port ? I have the same behavior with a Logitech usb 2 dongle once plugged into a usb 3 port : USB Receiver : Identifiant du produit
  5. Hello, I have strange behavior when using a USB mouse dongle to a USB 3 port. I explain my concern : I have a laptop e7470 with a Hackintosh under Mojave 10.14.5. If I plug the USB dongle on one of the e7470 USB 3.0 ports, the mouse is lagging seriously If I plug the USB dongle on one of the USB 3.0 port of the dock, the mouse is lagging seriously too If I plug the USB dongle on one of the USB 2.0 port of the dock... the mouse is working well without any issue. What's that ? Do you have an idea why I can have such a behavior ? Tha
  6. Hi muttonhead411, I advise you to do not go further with the dw1820a and to take directly a dw1560. With a problematic dw1820a (like yours), I successfully get a working wifi but with these downsides : - 1 boot out of 3 or 4 is ok (else kernel panics, freezes) - issues when shutting down the laptop (freezes) - issues when locking the session (freezes) And it is the most stable situation I got thanks to a mix of Hervé patches and other forum patches... Best regards.
  7. grui

    E7470 + Dock

    thanks Hervé, it's clear
  8. grui

    E7470 + Dock

    Hello, I replaced the USBPorts-E7470.kext by the USBInjectAll.kext and it is working now well, thanks The dock is like this one (picture retrieved from internet) Thanks
  9. grui

    E7470 + Dock

    Does someone has an idea regarding my dock issues ?
  10. grui

    E7470 + Dock

    Thanks Hervé, very clear now for the kexts
  11. grui

    E7470 + Dock

    Hello, My laptop is plugged into a dock (old way dock, no USB-C like) : the LAN is working the screen replication is partially working. On the Dock I have a DVI port and a VGA port. When the laptop is plugged to the DOCK, the system is recognizing only one type of external monitor and is displaying in consequence the same image on the both VGA and DVI screens. How can I "say" to MacOs that there are 2 externals monitors, 1 DVI & 1 VGA ? the USB ports from the dock are not recognized, when I plug a phone , it is even not charging it. Do you k
  12. Ok, I pushed more the investigation, by removing the label on the hardware I discovered that it is in fact a BCM94356ZEPA50DX_2 chipset... The ebay page was indicating that it was a BCM94352Z which is not the case. I opened a claim for this seller. It sounds like BCM94356ZEPA50DX_2 is a more recent chipset than the BCM94352Z. Great for WIndows or Linux users but not for our Hackintosh world. Hervé thanks for all, I am ordering now another unit from another seller. Hoping the chipset will be the right one this time.
  13. Attached the "bad" DW1820A card. You can see the MAC address that differ from the usual MAC address for a DW 1820A 0VW3T3
  14. Hi, After trying your proposition, I think I have to give up. I have a non deterministic behavior with the boot and the continuous running of macos with WIFI activated. I find out something strange in the label pasted on the hardware. The MAC ADDRESS of my DW1820A does not start like the picture you post that represent the DW1820A 0VW3T3 model, this is abnormal. It means that the organisationally unique identifier is different... So there is probably different manufacturer of the DW1820A 0VW3T3 model. I will post here a picture of my DW1820A in order for the future
  15. Thanks Hervé. Finally the WIFI is working but there is a counterpart : after a while with the WIFI working, the system is starting to lag a bit then a lot then it become unresponsive. I am monitoring the free RAM and free CPU right now with the hope to reproduce the issue (reproduced three times). Don't know yet if it is linked to a standby leave or not. I will add the debug zip soon. **** UPDATE 1 Impossible to generate new debug file. The install tool is requesting a new dump of ACPI files and preboot logs. But once having pressed F2 and F4
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