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  1. Hi, can you confirm that it is the right section? Thank you



  2. Hi guys, I am writing to ask you if you have the opportunity to create an EFI x notebook model mentioned above to install Catalina. I list below the hardware features: - 14 "Full HD - i5-6300U 2,4GHz - Ram DDR4 16Gb - SSD m2 NvME Samsung - Intel HD Grafic - Wifi + Bluetooth DW1830 in addition I ask you how do I set the BIOS? Thank you.
  3. Thank you all for your collaboration. the installation has started successfully.
  4. Hi thank you for the quick reply. I confirm that the bios is set up as you wrote, can you help me find the wifi patch? Alternatively I have the possibility to install the DW1830 wifi, do you say it is better? I'll update you as soon as I try with your config.plist thanks again.
  5. hello Jake Lo, I apologize in advance for the bad English (I'm Italian). I read all this post from which I am trying to install Catalina on the same model again. I followed to the letter and used the same two files that you recommended to Claus but I find the error in the image. Can you help me? I state that I have installed the latest Bios version (obviously set as you say). Use Samsung 970 EVO 1TB SSD and Wifi DW1820A BCM94350ZAE. I await your news, thank you.
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